our vineyards

At Stonington Vineyards we believe that the soils and microclimate of our vineyards are particularly suitable for growing the varieties of grapes we have selected. The vineyards are strongly influenced by the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound, just a few miles to the south. Ocean water temperatures create a maritime microclimate similar to that in Bordeaux. We believe that low yields tend to enhance the varietal character of the grapes and improve the quality of the resulting wines. In most years, the vines are cluster-thinned to 2 1/2 to 3 tons per acre. At harvest, all of Stonington’s vineyards are hand picked to optimize quality. We have approximately 6 1/2 acres of Chardonnay and 3 1/2 acres of Cabernet Franc.

Vineyard Manager Linda got her start in the vineyards because of her initial interest in plants and gardening. She has been with Stonington Vineyards for 13 years taking her direction directly from winemaker, Mike McAndrew. Stonington Vineyards has a very hands on approach to their farming. The vines are all hand pruned, hedged and harvested. They try to be as organic as possible and respect the micro-climate of the region they are located in. We sat down with Linda to ask her some questions about her experience here at Stonington Vineyards…

What is one of your favorite memories during your years here at Stonington Vineyards?
LM: Working with my boys. My boys started in the industry by helping me here at the vineyard and it sparked their interest in viticulture.

What is one thing you learned from working in the vineyards?
LM: Not to get overwhelmed. Eventually it will all get done. You have to take it one step at a time.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into this industry?
LM: Don’t quit your day job! It is a tremendous amount of work and it takes a long time to get a return on your investment. You need to put full thought into how much energy it will be to do this all. And if you’re going to do it… plan to get dirty!

From your perspective, why visit Stonington Vineyards?
LM: We start in the vineyard and that translates to great wine! Drink the wine and you’ll know why you should keep coming!